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You’ve Come to the Right Place if You Have ADHD-Type Challenges That Are Sabotaging Your Work and Relationships

What Makes My ADHD and Positive Intelligence Coaching So Effective?

The effectiveness of my coaching is the result of the unique way in which you, as a client, and I partner to find the best way for you to maximize the benefits of:

  1. Your Energy and Commitment
  2. ADHD Coaching
  3. Positive Intelligence
  4. Spiritual Awareness

My passion for helping those who, like me, have ADHD challenges has led me to discover this coaching approach that is proving powerfully transformative for my clients.

Your Energy and Commitment

A strong level of energy and commitment on the part of you, the client, is perhaps the most essential ingredient for your transformation. The stronger this element, the more you will be able to gain from the other elements. As your coach, I can help you nourish and expand your energy and commitment, but only if you arrive with some significant motivation to change. Generally, the more you are suffering, the more motivated you are likely to be.

Positive Intelligence (PQ)

The PQ paradigm offers tools with which to identify the many assumptions and beliefs that are holding us back. The PQ operating system helps us to expose trouble-causing beliefs and replace them with wisdom available from deep within each of us. I have been using Positive Intelligence myself for nearly two years and have, over the past year, introduced it to my clients who have found it transformational.

ADHD Coaching

ADHD coaching is a specialized area of life coaching which is best when built on advanced training from an accredited coaching school. After basic coach training from Leadership that Works and advanced ADHD coach training from the ADD Coach Academy, I earned the PCC credential from the International Coaching Federation and the CACP credential from the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches. A decade of coaching individuals with ADHD has reinforced my ability to not judge myself or my clients but rather to see us all as creative, resourceful, and whole, seeking to find the best ways to live in a world set up for people with brain wiring that is different from ours.

Spiritual Awareness

I am a lifelong seeker of wisdom and truth. My journey has taken many paths so far, and I am grateful for what each one has taught me. To me, the word “spiritual” points to our being, our deep essence – a part of us that is more than our busy minds and bodies. Becoming quiet and present in the moment is a pathway to the deep wisdom of the Universe that is available to each of us. A powerful goal is to bring more awareness of our deeper identity into our doing, in other words being present and aware in each moment while, at the same time, doing the things that need to be done in our lives. With this awareness we discover productivity combined with peace.

I would love to hear about your challenges and hopes and to answer your questions in a free, 45-minute Exploratory Conversation.  

A Few Testimonials

A client recently wrote:

“I am experiencing real growth in areas of life that have plagued me for years. ADHD has always been my most frequent source of frustration, discouragement, sense of failure, and fatigue. These coaching sessions have made me feel seen and understood, empowered for change, and have grown my overall sense of well-being and hope.”

MG, College Professor, Indiana

From a recent client:

This has been the best experience that I have had at any time in my life.

Neil has been a driving force in the calming of my emotions

that has led my business to a higher level.

BY, Financial Advisor, Maryland

From a grateful client:

“My wife has noticed a huge shift in the way I now often respond instead of react. I am definitely often bringing a better me to the table when it comes to my relationship with my wife and look forward to continuing to grow in this respect. [She] can’t get over the changes.”

DE, Government Contractor, Virginia


More testimonials from my clients can be found here.

About Me 


I grew up in Wisconsin and went to school in the Mid-West and New York City. Then, like many folks with ADHD, I moved through a series of careers. I was a pastor, private tutor, employment consultant, and owner/manager of a remodeling company and a building consulting company.  

My family includes my wife, two adult children and their partners, and four grandchildren. One of my great joys is spending time with all of them!

I was diagnosed with ADHD after living with it for many decades. Coaching helped enormously. As a result, I wanted to do the same for others and went back to school for coach training.

Now I am an experienced ADHD and Positive Intelligence coach, holding a PCC credential from the International Coaching Federation and a CACP credential from the Professional Association for ADHD Coaches. My years of personal experience with ADHD challenges while managing my businesses and personal relationships have been good preparation for assisting my clients with the issues they bring to coaching.

Radically reduce the impact of ADHD - Coaching with Neil Swanson

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