We can find many voices of wisdom and inspiration online – often on podcasts, TED talks, webinars, and in online courses. While we know that many of the voices and messages that come at us through online sources are negative and intended to provoke a reaction, we can find many voices of wisdom and inspiration on line as well. What is the best way to find someone with a healing message?

Thank goodness for search engines! You can enter adjectives that characterize what you are looking for such as positive, happy, helpful, healing, along with the word “podcast” or “TED talk,” etc. But search engine results can hide gems or nuggets among many inappropriate and time-wasting options.

Check with trusted friends, colleagues, institutions, and publications regarding options they recommend that meet your criteria. Then listen to a few.

You don’t need to listen long to a speaker before you know if the message will be uplifting, inspiring, and growth enhancing. The tone is a big clue. Is it kind? Is it peaceful? Is it positive? Does the speaker seem to have a depth of understanding and a hope that his/her words will make life better on a deep level for the listeners?

Each of us differs as to what broadcasts “speak to us” as helpful and worthwhile. When you find something you like, you might find, in the comments or reviews, recommendations for other similar broadcasts.

You can also find online articles that list a writer’s preferred programs. These usually include short descriptions that might help you choose without having to sample each listing. Following are some examples of such articles that may help narrow your search.

If you find something that you think might be helpful to other folks, please let me know so I can recommend it to my clients. Thanks!


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