Any time is the right time for a new beginning!

Most of us associate new beginnings with milestones such as a birthday, an anniversary, the start of a new year. But why limit ourselves to those few and often far between occasions. How about today? Why not see today as the perfect day for a new beginning?

That’s what I did last Friday — a day without any particular significance in the grand scheme of things. I decided on Friday to finally change my business name to something that is simple, clearer, and more straight forward. The old name, “Free To Be Coaching,” has sometimes been confusing or misunderstood by those encountering it. The new name is simply Neil Swanson Coaching.

This simple new beginning feels invigorating to me. We know that novelty is sparkly to the ADHD brain. Creating a new business name after twelve years has given me new energy and enthusiasm even though my purpose remains the same – to help individuals discover that they are “free to be” who they really are.

What can you do to “re-sparklize” something you are doing? How can you bring fresh ideas and energy into your work or relationships?

I would LOVE to hear from you of ways you have brought renewed energy into something in your life that can benefit from a new beginning, however large or small. I’m always inspired by others.

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