Do you ever have one of those days when multiple things seem to not go as you had hoped? I think we all have days like that.

When things don’t go well, we tend to see the situation as a “failure” – either blaming ourselves, blaming others, or blaming the circumstances. Focusing on failures can easily undermine our positivity, creativity, and productivity. As a result, even more things are likely to go wrong because our our focus on failures interferes with our access to our best inner resources.

A pathway out of this dilemma is reframing failure in a way that helps us discover the gifts or learnings that might be hidden in the so-called failure. Below is a helpful reframe that someone has come up with that uses the word “failing” as an acronym for a more positive phrase. Try using this phrase the next time you catch yourself thinking that something in your life is a failure. It can really help.


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