Over the past decade, a brilliant coach, Shirzad Chamine, has created a powerful approach to boosting your performance, improving your wellbeing, and strengthening your relationships. This approach, called “Positive Intelligence,” helps you to identify your “Positivity Quotient (PQ)” and to raise it by strengthening your “Mental Fitness.” Mental fitness refers to your ability to handle life’s challenges with a positive mindset and minimum of stress.

The Positive Intelligence tools and perspective have proven transformative for my clients when integrated with personalized, focused ADHD coaching and the nurturing of spiritual awareness. Therefore, I now include the entire six-week PQ Mental Fitness Program as a central part of my two-month Initial Foundational Coaching package.

It is possible for you to purchase the six-week PQ program directly from Positive Intelligence for $995, but that would not include any of the powerful coaching and generous support that are pivotal in helping you integrate the transformative PQ approach to life into your daily functioning.

Having completed more than a year of PQ Coach training, I am officially considered a “PQ Coach,” and I am now completing a few remaining requirements to also become a “Certified PQ Coach.”

I strongly suggest that you read Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine, or at least check out the Positive Intelligence website.

Learn some of the solid science on which the Positive Intelligence program is based at this link, and assess your own current “PQ score” and identify your most prominent “saboteurs” by taking the Saboteur Assessment here.



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