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This program is life-changing. I have never felt so empowered, focused, and on track more in my life. Neil truly takes the experience to the next level. His guidance and wisdom are insurmountable. As a truly successful person, I didn’t realize that I could be 10x more successful by realizing SO many things about myself. If you are looking for liquid gold for your mind and body, you will find it in this program.

SS, Occupational Therapist, Ohio


This has been the best experience that I have had at any time in my life. I have learned so much about myself through seeing my Sage and Saboteurs that influence my actions. Neil has been a driving force in the calming of my emotions that has led my business to a higher level. My mind has been led to calm and peace in my current situation. Though my circumstances have not dramatically changed, my mind has felt at peace with everything around me. I have learned that my judge is such a controlling force behind everything. I am truly blessed to have had Neil as a coach, a mentor, and an outside view of what is going on to see that there are different perspectives to all things. I want to say thank you Neil for the assistance in my personal and business life.

BY, Financial Advisor, Maryland

My ADHD functioning has frequently driven my wife crazy. When she gave me your coaching as a birthday present I reluctantly agreed but seriously doubted it would help. Wow, was I mistaken. The Positive Intelligence framework and tools have proven powerfully useful.

My wife has noticed a huge shift in the way I now often respond instead of react. Impulsivity is still an issue, but my immediate knee-jerk reaction happens less frequently. I am definitely often bringing a better me to the table when it comes to my relationship with my wife and look forward to continuing to grow in this respect.

It’s definitely good to talk with someone like you, Neil, who not only has studied but who also has lived it. You can speak from a place others may not be able to speak from. That’s been tremendous!  You have something very special and great to offer, and I am very appreciative. My wife can’t get over the changes.

DE, Government Contractor, Virginia

I was really surprised by the changes we were able to make after only 12 weeks of coaching. The stressors in my life haven’t changed, but my responses have. I’ve learned how to treat myself with more compassion and curiosity instead of judgment and hate. Neil, more than the many tools, I’m most thankful for the different mindset you taught me.

My observations about myself:

  • More intentional
  • Less judgmental of myself
  • More observant of my results and curious about causes

My wife’s observations about me:

  • Less angry, less blaming others
  • More patience
  • Where previous stress would have resulted in” numbing” (video games, drinking, watching TV), I now reflect and think about what can be accepted and what can be done.
  • Consumption of “numb-ers” is down
  • Putting the hard work into working through the stressors to create healthier lifestyle change.
  • Fewer panic attacks, not less stress, but better reactions to stress
  • Able to appreciate my strengths
  • Able to celebrate my wins

D.S., Business Consultant, Michigan

Neil has helped me identify and replace the self-defeating thought patterns that were holding me back from hope and helped me tap into my own creativity and strengths. With Neil’s coaching, I am learning to better see and celebrate the small and large victories in my life, which has shifted my perspectives, outlook, and mood toward my ADHD and toward myself.

Neil is quick to offer in-depth resources when asked for and provides specific, doable tools or strategies to help me move through places where I have been stuck. He can empathize, which makes it easy to trust him with my ADHD challenges and foibles. During a session with Neil, I notice my disposition toward a struggle change from “I just can’t figure this out!” to “What might I try? Where have I found success in the past? What if. . . ?”

I am experiencing real growth in areas of life that have plagued me for years. ADHD has always been my most frequent source of frustration, discouragement, sense of failure, and fatigue. These coaching sessions have made me feel seen and understood, empowered for change, and have grown my overall sense of well-being and hope.

Many thanks Neil and Linda

M.G., College Professor, Indiana

I learned so much from your beautiful modeling of the same coaching skills I am learning about in my coaching course — skills such as presence, alignment, expanding the viewpoints, pathway of needs, exploring values, dealing with emotions, and aligning with the client’s agenda all the time.

Your gentle challenges towards newer possibilities so moved me forward, I hope to add this approach to my growing bouquet of coaching skills.

Pranam! (Hindi word for gratitude)

RK, HR Manager, India

Before becoming a client with Neil, I looked at my ADD as a weakness. Coaching has allowed me to see myself in a new light. This new light allows me to focus on my innate strengths and abilities, as I move forward with a stronger sense of self.  The impact and understanding of my life that I have gained from working with Neil has been invaluable.   

DL, Life Coach, Oregon

It has been a great pleasure to have Neil as my coach. It felt natural to share whatever was going on at the moment. I knew Neil would listen without judgment, with only my best interest at heart. Having Neil as my coach has helped me to practice more compassion with myself. He guided me to a peaceful place. Ultimately, having Neil by my side, allowed me to have a greater perspective, that grew and grew as we worked together. It’s a funny thing, because at the start of every session, I didn’t even know that perspective was what I needed, but by the end, when I had it, I knew that I had all that I would ever need. What a great experience to have. Thanks, Neil!

SW, Office Manager, Connecticut

Neil has been working with me on my ADD about two months. . . . By the end of the call, Neil had led me to generate two strategies that I’m optimistic will help me address my biggest challenge: avoiding planning. I’m not there yet, but Neil has once again helped me find some optimism and chip away at my challenges. Ultimately I have to do it myself, but Neil’s thoughtful guidance and caring are helping me make the way.

KB, Attorney, New Mexico

Neil offers a warm and friendly environment that puts one at ease and in a relaxed state. I consistently found myself in a more aware and articulate state during our sessions. . . . Neil was able to understand my ADHD issues and could relate to them very easily. His knowledge and experience in this area allows him to identify the specific issues that make life more difficult for the ADHD individual. Neil was always able to provide me with the right “tools” to address my ADHD issues. I always felt that I had something useful to take away after each session. I highly recommend Neil to anyone looking for an effective ADHD coach.

TK, Engineer, Virginia

I have worked with Neil for several months and have learned much about myself. He is practical, insightful, caring, and funny. He has a way of cutting through the “stuff” I talk about to the essence of what’s important. He encourages me to look at things from different viewpoints that result in my realizing I can make different choices. I highly recommend Neil if you want to move forward in your life.

CF, Nurse, Pennsylvania

I reached out to Neil with a very specific objective: gain a better understanding of the effects of untreated ADHD symptoms on my marriage. I hoped this service would provide support and understanding in this one area of my life.

Little did I know that utilizing Neil as a “Life Coach” would affect every area of my life, deeply to the core of my being. I did gain understanding and support with regards to ADHD and marriage as I hoped. I responded like a fish to water to the respect, trust, compassion, openness, and validation Neil offered. From the beginning I felt free to share any and all aspects of myself in our collaboration. I did not expect to find someone to “hold my hand” and guide me home to myself, which has been my experience in working with Neil. The value of the work we have done together cannot be overstated.

KD, Teacher, Virginia

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